Makalah RPL

28 Sep 2010 Tugas

  1. Evaluating the Impact of Adaptive Maintenance Process on Open Source Software Quality
  2. Exploring the Maintenance Process trough the Defect Management in the Open Source Projects Four Case Studies
  3. Using REFSENO to Represent Knowledge in the Software Maintenance Process
  4. SMCMM Model To Evaluate and Improve the Quality of the Software Maintenance Process
  5. Empirical Analysis Of Massive Maintenance Process
  6. Early Effort Estimation Of Massive Maintenance Processes
  7. A Method for Modeling and Evaluating Software Maintenance Process Performances
  8. Introducing Workflow Management in Software Maintenance Processes
  9. Software Maintenance Process Analysis Using Discrete – Event Simulation
  10. Assessing Staffing Needs for a Software Maintenance Project through Queuing Simulation
  11. Comparing Uniform and Flexible Policies for Software Maintenance and Replacement
  12. Measuring and Evaluating Maintenance Process Using Reliability, Risk, and Test Metrics

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